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FAQ for Users

Why should I join Share a Biz

Share a Biz is a place that you can buy goods online and offline. For the shops only offline, you simply purchase online and then go pick them up at the store you purchased from.  You not only find good deals, but you can also earn money by joining Share a Biz if you recruit others with your recruiting link.

How much money can I earn with Share a Biz?

You can earn as much as you want. There are no limits. We have 3 ways to earn; through cash back, bonuses, and commissions from people you recruit.

How do the 3 tiers of earning work?

Basically, every person that signs up with your recruiting link will then be connected to you as a sub-affiliate. What this means is that every time they make a purchase, you will get 1% commission of their total order. You will also get 1% commission from the people they recruit. To take it one step further, you will get another 1% from the people they recruit! 

You can imagine they if you recruit 10 people, then each of them recruit 10 people, and then each of the 3rd tier recruit 10 people, that makes a total of 1110 people! 

If the average order value is $50 per month, then at 1% each, you would make $550 per month, just by recruiting 10 people!

Is this a real company? It seems to good to be true...

Yes, this is a real company. We are registered with the government of India as an LLP with registration # ACF-3031.

Most companies take large shares of the profit and keep it for themselves. We want to give back to the locals so everyone can benefit. If you win, we win, if we win the vendor wins. Basically we created a business where we don't generate as much profit so everyone can equally benefit. No reason to be greedy!

What is Cash Back?

Cash Back is an industry term used to describe the monetary benefit you get when purchasing certain items. Some businesses give discounts, in store credit, and some give cash back. We choose to give cash back so people can get a good deal on products when they shop and also earn some money by referring others to our platform. 

If you see a product says 4% cash back, it means that if the price of a product is ₹1000, then you would get ₹40 back into your Share a Biz account. Then when you reach a certain amount and are ready to redeem you just request a withdrawal and we will deposit into your personal account! 

The same works for your recruiting links. You get 1% from everyone that you or others recruit for you, three tiers deep. Once you request a withdrawal, then we will transfer it to your account.

FAQ for Vendors

Why should I join Share a Biz

Share a Biz is a unique business that allows sellers to list their products and services on our website for free. We then list them in front of our large userbase, which gives you more opportunities for sales and brand exposure, ultimately leading to a greater chance of profitability for your business. 

How does it benefit me as a vendor?

We offer a free place to sell your products and services that will give your business free exposure and a free place to advertise your business! You only pay when you sell something, then we take a small commission and give you the rest. We then share that commission with our users / your customers. Everyone wins!

How much does it cost to join Share a Biz

Share a Biz is free to join! You only pay a small commission when you make a sale. 

How much commission do I have to pay when I make a sale?

Every business is different and has different profit margins, so ultimately it depends on your business model. However, in order for everyone to be happy we need to get at least 15% commission on every sale. If we get more we can reward your Users more. If we get less, they get less and might choose someone else's products over yours. 

How do I get started?

Head over to the register button or click sign up, then fill in all the details to register. Once you are done with that head over to the vendor dashboard and then start listing your products! Get familiar with the platform. Contact us if you need any help!


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